The Kingdom of Heaven is like yeast – Day 16

Day 16
Matthew 13:33

Step One - Observe

Can you find the sheep by the bread?

Bread in a sheep's bakery

What do you think the pictures are trying to teach you about the Kingdom of God?

Step Two - Learn

Matthew 13:33

Click Here to read Matthew 25:14-30.

  • What one word or idea stood out to you and why?
  • What do you think Jesus is teaching about the Kingdom of God/Heaven?
  • What are some things that start small but get really big? YouTube videos? Dandelions? (One dandelion can become thousands over the years) The COVID-19 virus? (It started small and spread worldwide.)
  • Do you know what yeast is? Click Here if you want to watch a quick video that explains yeast.
  • How do you think the Kingdom of God is like yeast.

What does it mean when something goes viral? An example might be a cool YouTube video that starts small and then millions of people watch it. The popular YouTubers Dude Perfect started with one simple cool video. Within one week of posting the video it had 200,000 views. Today that video has over 40 million views and Dude Perfect has over 14 billion total views on their channel. Here is their most viral video with over 400 million views. 

Dude Perfect’s growth will not last forever, however. 100 years from now all of the Dude Perfect crew will be gone and its growth will have slowed down. That is not true of the Kingdom of God. It is the best viral idea of all time. Jesus’ simple teachings about the Kingdom of God have lasted over 2,000 years and His Kingdom continues to grow today. Jesus’ ideas and followers started small but have grown to billions of followers throughout the years. Each of Jesus’ teaching is like the greatest viral video of all time. A little bit of the Kingdom of God  goes a long way.

Step Three - Pray

Read Matthew 13:33 again: 

How are you different after reading these verses? 


Dear Jesus, help me to learn more about the Kingdom of Heaven so that my words and actions can be like yeast or like a viral video pointing to you. I pray thousands will get to know you better because of me, Jesus. Amen! 

The Upside Down Kingdom - Day 16

Upside Down Kingdom of God - Day 16