The Cross is our Hope – Day 30

Day 30
Mark 14:12-25

Step One - Observe

There are two crosses on the poster. Can you find them both? Cross number one is on the Bible of the goat pretending like he loves Jesus. 

Goat pretending like he knows Jesus

The second cross is much harder to find. Do you see it? The shadow of the second cross is falling on the open space in the center of the poster. The shadow is highlighted in yellow in the image below. 

The shadow of the cross is over the poster

Step Two - Learn

We close with the cross because we are so grateful for what Jesus did for us there. He suffered in ways we cannot imagine, to pay the price for our sin. But it does not end there! He died and was raised to life three days later. If that statement is true (it is!), it should shape every aspect your life! Like a great cornerstone, you should orient every part of your life around the reality of what God did through Jesus on the cross. It is our prayer that this poster has helped you do this.

How do you now feel about the Kingdom of God? Do you know it? Will you recognize it when you see it? Here are a few questions to see what you have learned. 

  • Who is important in the Kingdom of God?
  • How many birthdays do you have in the Kingdom of God?
  • How much is the Kingdom of God worth?
  • Good soil or bad soil?
  • Who should we try to be like in the Kingdom of God?
  • Who is in disguise in the Kingdom of God?
  • Who is Jesus disguised as? Can you name all seven?
  • Big or small?
  • Yes or no?
  • Is sad always bad?
  • Who gets the Kingdom’s fruit?
  • Look back or look ahead?
  • Now or later?
  • Wheat or weeds?
  • Good fish or bad fish?
  • Go to the wedding or ignore the wedding?
  • Kids or no kids?
  • Forgive or forget?
  • It’s mine or it’s His?
  • Pay a small price or any price?
  • Be like kids or be like adults?
  • I do it all or He does it all?
  • A little is a little or a little is a lot?
  • Jesus or no Jesus? 

 The final Upside Down Kingdom graphic is below along with a printable PDF. 

Thank you for joining us on this Kingdom journey. We pray you will seek His Kingdom your whole life, know its great worth and advance it in your life and the world around you for all the days of your life. 

Many blessings ~ Rick and Rebecca 

Step Three - Pray

How are you different after learning about the Kingdom of God? 


Dear Father in heaven, please seal all that I have learned about the Kingdom of God in my heart. Help me to seek it my whole life, know its great worth and advance it in me and around me all the days of my life. Amen! 

The Upside Down Kingdom - Day 30

Upside Down Kingdom of God - Day 30