Kingdom of God Puzzle


Kingdom of God Puzzle – COMING THIS FALL 2022

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This is how the poster works. The poster is divided between sheep and goats. Sheep representing how people in the Kingdom of God should be and Goats represent the behavior of those outside the Kingdom. 

In the poster the sheep and goats are paired by color. For example, Jesus says unless you change and become more childlike you will not enter the Kingdom of God. These off white colored sheep are modeling what it looks like to become more childlike.

Shot of goats not being childlike

Conversely, these matching off white colored goats are modeling what it looks like not to be childlike.

Zooming down on the verses next to the goats who are not being childlike

Next to each sheep or goat are the corresponding verses to Jesus’ teaching about the Kingdom of God.

Still need some help? No worries. We have also prepared 30 days of simple 15 minute devotionals here on to help guide you in order from the simplest verses about the Kingdom (shot of the growing seed) to the more complex (shot of the killing of the servant). Each devotional has a fun activity, good discussion questions and help in understanding the core principles of the passage. 

Additionally, we have hidden in the poster over 80 items that are not sheep or goats. For example, can you find all 12 of the fish symbols?


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