Hear the Word and understand it – Day 7

Day 7
Matthew 13:1-23

Step One - Observe

Can you find the sheep that is sowing seed? Explain what sowing means. 

Sheep that is sowing seed like in the parable of the sower
  • Can you find the matching colored goat?
Goat farmer in a pub not sowing seed

What do you think the picture is trying to teach you about the Kingdom of God?

STEp Two - Learn

Matthew 13:1-23

Click Here to read Matthew 13:1-23.

  • What one word or idea stood out to you and why?
  • What do you think Jesus is teaching about the Kingdom of God/Heaven?
  • Where would you sow or plant seed where you live?
  • What are some things that make soil good for planting?
  • How do you hear the word and understand it?

More seeds! Jesus uses a lot of plants, seeds, gardens and vineyards in his teachings. It helps us understand what He means. Sometimes it is hard to understand. Similarly, making dirt or soil good for planting seeds can be a lot of hard work. Good soil is composed of a good mix of things called silt, clay and and organic matter. The soil should not be compact but rather loose so the seeds can germinate and take root. 

Gardeners will go to great lengths to ensure their soil is ready to receive the next planting. To increase the organic matter in the soil they will compost with eggshells, fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, tea leaves, dead lawn clippings and dried leaves. Fertilizers like manure, bananas and grass clippings help improve the soils nutrients. If a soil is just left on its own and continually planted it will no longer be good soil. It is a lot of hard work to make sure the soil is good.  

Preparing your heart requires work as well. Are you ready to receive the words of Jesus? Is there a ‘no’ in your heart? Is there unforgiveness in your heart? Do you easily say you are sorry? Are you angry? Like a gardener preparing the soil, we need to prepare our hearts to receive Jesus’ word. If your heart is hard like the path, rocky or full of thorns, work hard to make your heart good soil for Jesus’ words. This will help you hear the Word and understand it. That is what makes good soil. “Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.Psalms 139:23-24 Kingdom seeds will take root and grow in a heart with good soil that hears and understands His word. 

Step Three - pray

Read Matthew 13:1-23 again: 

  • How are you different after reading these verses? 

Dear Jesus, please help make my heart good soil. Please help me to understand your teachings. Help your teachings to take root in my heart and grow down deep and strong. When trouble or bullies come, help my seed to keep growing. If worries come or if lots of good things come, help me to keep growing roots down deep and to grow up big and strong. Help my life to grow 100 times what is planted in my heart. 

The Upside Down Kingdom - Day 7

Upside Down Kingdom of God - Day 7