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A little about us. Rick and Rebecca are married and have four awesome sons. Rick, the creator of the poster, gave his life to Jesus at the age of 11 but has really been walking with him his whole life. Rick’s professional career has led him through the IT/computer world and it has also involved founding non profit mentoring programs with Rebecca: mentoringisamust.org and hopeherd.org. He is 2.5 credits short of a masters in Biblical Studies. That education has included two semesters of Hebrew and five semesters of Greek. He has read the Bible cover to cover close to 20 times and has been reading and studying it consistently most of his life. All that to say there is some education behind the creation of the poster and that you can be assured that each lesson gets to the heart of Jesus’ teaching about his favorite topic. As our pastor said just a few weeks ago… “If you missed the Kingdom…. You missed Jesus.”

Our main gig is serving youth in foster care so 10% of all proceeds go to helping youth in care. Baaa Maaa is a carbon negative company and all posters are printed on recycled paper. So the world is a better place on many levels for each poster that is purchased.  

 We are excited for you to begin your journey learning about the Kingdom and for you to begin advancing that Kingdom here on earth. We hope it stays with you the rest of your life. Have fun and thank you for supporting the cause. 


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